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Sleeping bag Adult

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A full-fledged replacement for a regular blanket. It’s also a cozy corner and a secret place to work or study or watch movies for adults.

No doubt, this is the best idea to presentfor birthday and new year.

Our sleeping bags are made of soft 100% cotton and have Hypoallergenic filler inside.

Age Height Size
7-99 yrs up to 185 cm 235х105 cm

You sleep is proved to be for three hours longer, thanks to the comfort provided by a special design of the sleeping bag:
- both sides stitched inside filler forms a cozy cocoon
- functional locks on both sides, help to put or open a child easily

Ability to wash in the washing machine at 30 degrees, makes care of the product easy.

✔ own berth while traveling
✔ cool photo area

Stylish and original, high quality and comfortable, made of soft cotton and hypoallergenic filler.
These are
our guidelines , that guarantee the durability of our products..
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