We are KinderFrau - a company, that makes unique sleeping bags, play mats with author's design and special pillows for future mothers.

Our sleeping bags, play mats and pillows protect sleep and rest of children and adults. They can also become a wonderful addition to the interior.

We start working again!
▫️to be stronger
▫️to get closer and unite
▫️to remind about Ukraine in every corner of the world

?Our production is located in Nikolaev, in the city where this morning the Russian bomb hit the office building
Our warehouse with sleeping bags is in Cherkasy, in a city that receives IDPs and provides assistance

Our fabric suppliers are in Kharkiv, a city that has been suffering from attacks for a month
Our packaging manufacturers are in Odessa, a city that is preparing to defend itself and is waiting for the landing of enemy troops from day to day

Our founder is in Chernivtsi, a city that has already welcomed tens of thousands of migrants and through which passes military and humanitarian aid from around the world.

Our people are all around the world! And we want them to feel our warmth wherever they are

So we’re resuming work, setting up logistics around the world and trying to tell everyone that we are here and we are happy to send a representative of the Bear or Hippopotamus or Unicorn to every home! 


Stylish and original, high-quality and comfortable, created from delicate cotton with hypoallergenic filler. These are our benchmarks, which make us differ from most companies, and allow us to be confident in the quality of our products and guarantee their durability.


GET UP AT NIGHT ONLY TO PEE, thanks to our sleeping bag